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reception room 101 Conner Drive #402, Chapel Hill, NC 27514Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill combines a serious approach to skin and body care with a welcoming, luxurious environment. Our priority at our medi-spa is providing exceptional 5-star service to visitors who seek goal-oriented procedures while enjoying the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction.

Warm Candle Flowers 101 Conner Drive #402, Chapel Hill, NC 27514Would you rather come to a place like Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill where procedures are done by a professional team with years of experience or to a Medspa where staff performing procedures have minimal training and no professional degrees?

In contrast to most MediSpas, our professional team consists of a full-time Medical Director who is on-site daily and 3 Registered Nurses. In addition, they are joined by a licensed aesthetician and massage and bodywork therapist as well as a licensed nail technician who is a certified master pedicurist.

Sanitary Pedicure at Medical Day Spa of Chapel HillConveniently located in Chapel Hill North Carolina across from University Mall, Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill is based on the proposition that corrective, therapeutic, and highly effective cosmetic treatments need not be performed in a cold medical environment and that a nurturing, warm, and inviting space need not limit itself to offering “fluff” spa treatments.  Come in and  experience a 5-star Medi-Spa today!

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Enjoy medical grade skin care in a relaxing spa setting at Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill. This is the perfect place for stress reduction and skin rejuvenation. Feel and look great with our MediSpa services today.

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