Nail Care

Nail Care

As part of our nail care and dedication to providing a safe, sanitary environment for our spa clients, we use only pipe-less pedicure bowls for pedicures and sterilize all implements. These exceed the hygiene standards of the NC Board of Cosmology.

Signature Pedicure

50 minutes $60
Indulge in the sheer luxury and tranquility of our signature treatment. Soothe feet in a warm peppermint & eucalyptus footsoak infused with essential oils and natural skin softening agents and follow it with callus softening or filing to reduce rough, dry skin.  An exfoliating and moisturizing OPI sugar scrub and a calming foot and leg massage with jojoba, aloe vera & ylang ylang essential oils, hot towels & aromatherapy lotion for complete hydration will leave you renewed and relaxed with silky-smooth skin. A polish application or natural shine using a 2-way buffer or polish is the finishing touch for this relaxing, effective treatment. Feet are filed with a NC State Board of Cosmetology approved non-metal foot file which is disposed of after each client.

Basic Pedicure

30 minutes $35
When you are short on time…This streamlined version of our Signature Pedicure includes a foot soak, nail shaping, filing, and polish if desired.  A light foot and leg massage is also included.

Signature Spa Manicure

45 minutes $40
Pure pampering for hands & nails that restores beauty, moisture, and elasticity. This customized experience includes infusion with essential oils and a smoothing and conditioning OPI Sugar Scrub to remove dead, dry skin from your hands. Enjoy a comforting hand massage which leaves the skin soft and supple with Jojoba, Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang essential oils, hot towels, and aromatherapy Lotion. A polish application or natural shine using a 2-way buffer is the finishing touch for this relaxing and effective treatment.

Basic Manicure

30 minutes $25
When you are short on time…Includes nail shaping and buffing with almond oil followed by polish, if desired.

Enhancements & Additional Treatments

  • Microdermabrasion (hands/arms) with hyperpigmentation treatment:  $25
  • Simple Polish Change (nails or toes):  $15
  • French Polish add-on (nails or toes): $10
  • Shellac or Gel Polish add-on (nails or toes): $10
  • Nail Repair:  $5 per nail
  • Paraffin Treatment (hands):  $10
  • Paraffin Treatment (feet):  $15
  • Hot Stone Foot/Leg Massage (can be added to any pedicure): $15

Medi-Cures with Gehwol Products

Healthy Feet are essential to your overall well-being. A medicure is a spa-like treatment that incorporates professional products, allows for medical treatment of challenging toenail and skin issues, and still provides the ultimate pampering experience.  Gehwol products are extremely effective and the range of products is exactly matched to the different needs of feet craving attention.  So if you’re walking, jogging, biking, or taking part in an active lifestyle, your feet will thank you for Gehwol!

Gehwol Medi-Cure

45 minutes $65
Includes application of Gehwol Disinfecting lotion to kill bacteria and prepare the skin for treatment. A medical-grade Gehwol Callus Softener Foam is applied, followed by callus or corn filing. The nail specialist then applies a Gehwol protective nail serum treatment to cure or prevent fungal infections. This is followed by an herbal heel treatment. Your basic Medi-Cure ends with a lower leg and foot massage with a cooling foot balm to refresh, revitalize, and relieve foot pain and leave feet feeling fresh and smelling great. Feet are filed with a NC State Board of Cosmetology approved non-metal foot file which is disposed of after each client.

Advanced Gehwol Medi-Cure

75 minutes $75
When extra time and attention is needed, indulge in this detoxifying foot treatment which includes every service from the Basic Medi-Cure with the addition of a Bamboo and Honey Scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin and improve circulation, and a Foot and Leg Vitality Mask to relieve pain, smooth the skin, and refresh tired legs.  This healing service also includes a foot and leg massage with a Rosemary Oil Emulsion which not only has antibacterial properties that deodorize and protect against fungal infections, but is also designed to activate and promote circulation.

Medi-Cure Upgrades

  • Antifungal nail or foot treatment:  $6
  • Treatment for chronically sweaty feet:  $4
  • Application for poor circulation and chronically cold feet:  $4

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