Photofacial IPL at Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill NC

Photofacial IPL

Photofacial IPL is a cosmetic skin treatment that uses light to improve the appearance of the skin. An IPL photo facial consists of short, extremely bright pulses of light delivered through a hand-held device applied to the skin through a contact gel.

What Photo Facials Can Treat


Skin appearance before and after IPL treatments showing improvement of sun damage and freckles.

Photo facials with IPL can treat:

  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Spider veins
  • Broken capillaries
  • Rosacea (reddened skin)
  • Freckles

How Photo Facials Work

When light is pulsed into the skin it is absorbed mainly in areas of high melanin concentration that cause the pigmented lesions. The absorbed light is converted to heat that destroys the excess pigment-producing cells (melanocytes). This technique is called selective photothermolysis.

What To Expect With a Photo-facial

An intense light pulse feels like an instantaneous burst of sunlight. The high energy in the bursts of light break apart pigment in brown spots and reddened areas. These pigmented areas darken temporarily, then crust and fall off. Improvement is seen within a week or two after just one treatment. In some cases, 2 to 4 treatments spaced at monthly intervals may be required for optimal results.

Photofacial Risks

Because IPL targets melanin, patients with darker skin types may experience skin discoloration, blisters, or scarring. For safety reasons, IPL photofacials at our Medical Day Spa are restricted to patients with white skin that is not sun tanned at the time of treatment.

Importance of Sun Protection

For best results, minimize sun exposure for at least two weeks before your photo facial and use at least a 30 or higher SPF sunscreen when outdoors. It’s also important to continue sun protection after photo facial treatment to prevent recurrence of excess pigmentation.

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